Welcome to Brennan's -- THE Home of Turtle Racing-

- Turtle racing, scheduled for every Thursday evening, begins shortly after 10p.m. It is held outside, so dress accordingly.

- Turtles are classified into one of seven divisions (from Midget to Monster).
- There are 2 rounds of racing each night it can be held. Rounds are about an hour apart. Bring your own turtle, or rent one of ours......
- There are important rules, such as "Don't point at the turtles!"
Remember, Brennan's is also a classy, pleasant place to sit back and enjoy excellent beverages, great food, a game of darts, socializing with friends, other interesting people, the occassional celebrity, turtle racing, and hot live entertainment.

Turtle racing at Brennan's is a 40 year tradition of fun.

NOTE: Turtles caught using performance enhancing drugs will be disqualified and prohibited from further racing.